Three fuel cell buses have officially been inaugurated in Aalborg! 10 September 2020


The 10th of September, the North Denmark Region and Aalborg Municipality officially inaugurated their three fuel cell buses together with their new hydrogen refueling station (HRS). It was The Minister for Transport, Benny Engelbrecht, and the Chairman of the Regional Council in the North Denmark Region, Ulla Astman, who cut the red ribbon, and thereby declared both the fuel cell buses and the HRS for officially in service.

Since March, the three fuel cell buses have been transporting passengers, and the feedback have been positive from the beginning. Both drivers and passengers are enjoying the buses that so far have proven to be a reliable, green technology. The interest and curiosity about the three fuel cell buses, showed at the official inauguration where both politicians, business partners and companies in the area of Power-to-X and hydrogen all participated and showed a keen interest in the new, climate-friendly technology in public transport.      

Due to Covid-19, the inauguration was postponed since March where both the fuel cell buses and the HRS started in full service.

See more pictures from the inauguration here: