Aberdeen City Council, in collaboration with the NewBusFuel, HyTransit and High V.LO-City projects, hosted the Aberdeen Hydrogen Summit from the 15th to the 17th of March 2017.

Aberdeen is home to Europe’s largest hydrogen fuel cell bus fleet, with 10 buses operating on the City’s roads, supported by the UK’s largest fully integrated renewable hydrogen production and refuelling station. As a leader in hydrogen technology development, Aberdeen hosted a series of events during the 2017 Hydrogen Week to further support and share learning on hydrogen technologies. Local authorities, fleet operators, industry partners and policy makers were invited to discuss the future of hydrogen transport. The NewBusFuel results were presented. NewBusFuel is a study project (financed by the FCH-JU) to resolve the knowledge gap for establishment of large scale hydrogen refuelling infrastructure for fuel cell buses – silent electric buses with long driving range and with zero local emissions -  results wdere presnted (more info http://newbusfuel.eu/publications) The HighVLOcity project organizes its mid-term conference with the presentation of current results and panel discussions on the commercialiation and next steps for FCEB's were organized. The 3Emoton project was mentionned in different presentations (f.e. Bart Biebuyck - FCH-JU, Flip Bamelis - Van Hool, David Yorke, Tower Transit London).